Connect Groups

Get plugged in and GROW.

Connect. What a word! We connect to the internet. We make connecting flights. We even connect the dots. But, what about the body of Christ? How do we connect? Of course, we join together on Sunday mornings for corporate worship service, but is there MORE?

CONNECT. To join. To link. To fasten together. To unite. In Christ, believers are joined, linked, fastened together. In fact, we actually BELONG to each other! Paul describes this paradox in Romans 12.

In Acts 2 he paints a picture of a connected body of believers. How did it look? Well, of course, they met together for corporate worship. But, they also devoted themselves to learning more about their Savior. They ate together in each other's homes. They had fun together. They prayed for each other. They were connected.

What was the RESULT? Acts 2:47 says, " And the LORD added to their number daily those who were being saved." So, where do we start? In SMALL GROUPS we study the Bible. We ask questions. We seek HIS face. We encourage each other. We pray for each other. We praise HIM together. We do life together. We are CHRIST.

Look through each day below to see all the opportunities available for you to GET CONNECTED! Questions about the Connect Ministry or need help? email Pastor Josh Tiner.