pastors & staff


Pastor Brad Rud

senior pastor

Pastor Josh Tiner

prayer and counseling

Pastor Brad Whitworth

discipleship and evangelism

Pastor Zechariah Andrukiewicz

worship and teaching

Pastor AJ Sims

worship, missions, young adults


Kathy Sorrell

executive director of ministries and women

Laura Rud

director of connect and education

Gretchen Courtney

director of youth ministry

Blake Chaloupka

director of youth ministry

Julie Whitmore

director of preschool

Kendall Strzempka

preschool assistant

Hadley Andrukiewicz

childcare coordinator

Mindy Tiner

family and women's counselor

Alicia Wampler

office admin

Stephanie Conger

director of design, women's ministry assistant

Stephanie Sheperd

director of tech and creative arts

Leonard Anderson

director of tech and creative arts

Sandy Farmer

director of finance

Richard Farmer

director of facility

Ed Banfield

director of construction and men's ministry

Rebecca Banfield

manager - the crossing grounds coffee shop

Kathe Kale

ministry assistant

Jeremy Lussi